Significance of High-Quality Recycle Bins in Schools

Ana | May 23, 2019 | 0 | Environmental

Schools, being highly populated, must be meticulous about waste management. They should implement one that is cost-effective, and at the same time, environment-friendly. And that is why investing in high-quality plastic bins is crucial.

According to statistics, the average secondary school generates around 22 kg of waste for every pupil in every academic year. For primary schools, it is 45 kg every year.

There are many benefits to implementing recycling and using environment-friendly plastic bins. Recycling can help in cost reduction. Money used on waste disposal can be used instead on other more important matters.

Things to Consider for Recycling and Proper Waste Disposal

There are many things to consider when it comes to recycling in schools. One of them is to differentiate the waste materials. For instance, about ¼ of the waste produced by schools are made of paper. The rest are non-biodegradable.

Another factor to consider is the use of different bins for schools. All paper wastes can be placed in school bins that are provided by the Student Council. Compost bins are also a great way for kids to have hands-on experience in handling their own trash. The Student Council may also provide these. It helps a lot if the teachers will hold focus group discussions and assemblies. Then, they should conduct exercises that help the kids understand the need to dispose of waste properly or to recycle. See more at EcoBin

It’s wise to make recycling more fun instead of making it an adult responsibility.

The best thing to do is to place plastic bins of various colors for different types of waste. You can have a different color for a bin that is used for paper, another one with a different color for food waste, cardboard waste bins, and another bin for general trash. Doing this prevents the bins from overflowing and attracting unwanted pests.

Every city has its own guidelines in the use of recycling bins particularly for recycling bins for school. Some of the usual tips in the use of plastic bins, in general, are the following:

  • It is necessary to put your bins outside of your property for collection or in any of the designated areas for collection.
  • Make sure you put out the recycle bins before the collection time.
  • Always put all your trash inside the bin and never next to it.
  • Also, make sure that your trash bin weighs less than 75 kgs.
  • Cover the bins well to make sure that trash won’t be blown off and to prevent vermin.

Other Ways to Help with Recycling and Waste Disposal

There are cities that hold community-wide activities such as nightly sweeping of the streets. This can be a fun way to help clean the community, nurture relationships with the community, and at the same time to exercise.

Each school only has its own guidelines for recycling and waste disposal. It helps teachers, the pupils, and their parents to work together in implementing all those. Find out which items can be recycled, where the recycling centers are, and if there are recycling banks in the premises of the school.

All these are necessary to make sure that waste is handled properly.