Choose A Versatile Handbag When Going With Black

Black handbags are among the most functional items in the closet as they hold all the necessary items for the day and keep valuable safe from theft and damage. No look is quite complete without one. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with the plethora of choices on the market today when it comes to handbags. They come in many colors, styles and prices but by following this guide, one will have all they need in just five bags!

The Leather Day Satchel

Add to the black handbags collection a leather day satchel. This is a handled bag that is medium to large size and it can hold all the essentials. Having it in a neutral color, if not black is important such as white, tan or grey. Choose one without heavy logos or hardware on it to keep it basic.

The Day Clutch

A day clutch is a black handbag that’s tailored and has a neat appearance. The daytime clutch is a perfect option for someone who doesn’t mind taking note of what goes in and comes out on the daily, otherwise it can get very cluttered as it’s a smaller pouch. While cute, not much fits in other than a tube of lip gloss, cell phone and a comb perhaps.

The good news is that they come with multiple compartments to carry things separately. If one finds they need a bigger bag during the day but love the look of a clutch for professionalism they can just put it inside a larger bag and take it out for events and luncheons.


This black handbag gives anyone the freedom to move about and keep their essentials close by and safe. Not to mention it looks more attractive than a backpack. Choosing a good cross-body bag with a strong strap and ability to adjust the height is a smart move.

Make sure it’s not too heavy and the perfect, medium size to be comfortable and not overwhelming.

They are perfect for traveling and quite versatile when the right type is chosen as they are perfect in any season, and go with just about any type of outfit. Choose leather, satin or wool and woven materials to make different statements depending on the existing wardrobe.

Medium Shoulder Bag

For a sporty and sophisticated look, one can’t go wrong with a black handbag in a shoulder bag style. Shoulder bags are perfect as a daily go-to as they allow for more mobility than a basic satchel. This is because one is not holding onto it via a handle.

Choose a textured suede or rich leather, or a canvas fabric in the summer. This look is easily appropriate in any climate and can meet one’s personal style with ease.

The Tote

The tote is an essential black handbag that every woman should have available. It is quite easy to keep a professional and polished look with a tote, as no longer are they just a big bag to shove “stuff” inside.

While many feel the need to use all the available space in a tote, It’s not necessary. This is especially true with a lightweight tote. Sturdy totes made of canvas are perfect when heading out for a whole day and carrying a bit more than usual.

By investing in these basic, black handbags one will definitely have all they need for every outfit and every occasion. Mixing up the materials makes it fun, and of course there are many other basic colors in addition to black that can work.